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A first-of-its-kind, revolutionary Genomic Wellness Screening, that enables you to uncover your genetic predisposition (encoded in your DNA) to potential health concerns.

Preventive healthcare using genomics is an emerging and revolutionary approach to genetic risk screening. It considers individual variability in DNA to give an indication of health risks which helps to prevent or mitigate the risk before it manifests.

Note: These are genetic screening tests and not diagnostic tests.

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Our Genetic Screening tests are backed by Scientifically established and validated methodology

Polygenic risk score (PRS)

Though multiple genetic screening methods are in practice for checking health conditions, the prediction of genetic risk for a chronic disease is majorly driven by polygenic risk score (PRS) based genetic screening.

Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) quantifies the contributing effects of multiple genetic markers into a score and estimates whether the tested individual is at a high, moderate and average genetic risk for developing a specific disease.

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